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In this zoom workshop, Andrew will share the stories, settings, and helpful tips behind some of his iconic nature photography. Andrew always highlights that getting close to wildlife requires patience,  teqnique but above all a sense of wonder and respect. He is keen to share what makes his OMSystem kit the perfect companion for capturing incredible moments and there will be time for Q & A to give back some of the knowledge he has learned. 


Top 5 topics Andrew will discuss during this webinar:

1 - Birds, butterflies and even the moon are generally shy - if you want any sort of  connection, what does that mean? How do we both respect nature and conservation but still get beautiful shots? 

2 - being out in nature  - being in the moment, responding to wildlife situations, realising that you might have aimed for one species but suddenly another turns up. 

3 Winter bird photography, using your car  or house  as a hide, setting up feeders for perfect moments, but above all moving slowly and quietly out in the landscape means you do not scare birds off 

4 Technical - setting up your camera and lens to be able to respond quickly - Pro capture, custom button settings, shutter speed for flight and af tracking 

5 processing - how do you do justice to a photo if you have caught a magic moment - again with respect to nature you want your raw file to sing out - looking at noise, sharpening, cropping and the benefit and threat of AI 


Details at a glance: 

Virtual Zoom Webinar

Date: November 1st | 3.30pm EDT / 7.30pm GMT / 8.30pm CET

Cost: 10 GBR

Suitable for: This course is suitable for everyone who enjoys photography and nature.

Registration: Please register using the registration button above. Once you have registered for a session, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to the event you have booked. Please check that you have an active Zoom account before the event begins.

Please note: The webinar will not be recorded and a recording cannot be made available afterwards.


Start: 1 November 2023
19:30 (UTC/GMT +01:00 - Europe / London)
End: 1 November 2023
20:30 (UTC/GMT +01:00 - Europe / London)

Online event

About the Photographer

Andrew Fusek Peters

OM SYSTEM Ambassador
  • Andrew Fusek Peters

    Andrew  is an OM System Ambassador whose beautiful wildlife photos appear regularly in the national papers and magazines with recent cover shots for BBC Wildlife, the Times, the Guardian, Amateur Photographer and Country Life. His latest book Butterfly Safari, a celebration of UK butterflies was highly praised. 'A spectacular showcase of British Butterflies' BBC Wildlife Magazine 'Incredible photos... a beautiful book.'The Guardian 'Breathtaking and beautiful photos... a butterfly book like no other.' Amateur Photographer. Andrew is a highly entertaining speaker and a passionated advocate for conservation.

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