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After the Shutter is Pressed

Editing Your Landscape Photos
Date: Sept 27th, 2022
Time: 6:00pm EST United States (8am AEST Sept 28th Austraila)
Price: $10.00 USD
Location: Zoom Online Webinar

Every great image is a combination of three things - an interesting composition, proper camera settings, and good post-processing. Too often, it is that final step that is ignored by photographers. Join OM System Ambassador Peter Baumgarten as he explains some of his more involved landscape techniques and goes through his work flow, from uploading his raw images to the final product. This seminar will include the thinking that goes into Peter's compositions, the post-processing tools he uses and several live edits. Clicking the shutter isn't the end of a photograph. It is only the beginning...


If you have recently viewed one of Peter's amazing sessions on intro's to photography, or have taken part in his recent landscape photography webinar this is a great session to learn more advanced techniques, for after you have "captured the moment" 

To see some of Peter's articles, tips and videos head to the OM SYSTEM Learn Center.


***Please note: customers with any brand camera may attend this workshop; however, it is intended for OM SYSTEM/Olympus camera owners and may discuss modes and features specific to Olympus cameras.***


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Peter Baumgarten

Peter Baumgarten is an award-winning professional photographer and educator based on Manitoulin Island where the stunning nature surrounding him inspires his work. He regularly provides lectures, seminars and workshops on landscape, wildlife and astro-landscape photography. Peter has been a dedicated Olympus shooter for over 40 years and has been published in a number of magazines in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. He maintains his own blog with an emphasis on tutorials that assist others in bringing their photography up to the next level. As owner of Creative Island Photography, Peter has turned a life-long interest into a second career. His love of the craft has also become a great excuse to continue his other passion – exploring the great outdoors through wilderness camping, canoeing and kayaking.


Instagram: @CreativeIslandPhoto


Start: September 27, 2022
6:00 PM (UTC/GMT -04:00 - America / New York)
End: September 27, 2022
7:30 PM (UTC/GMT -04:00 - America / New York)
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