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Online Course - OM System for Wildlife Photography with Espen Helland

The OM SYSTEM - Your Own Way

One of the reasons why I love my OM System gear is the way I can customise buttons, dials and settings to truly make it work for me as a wildlife photographer.

In this course, my aim is to share everything about how I use and setup my gear for wildlife photography so that you can get a head start and spend more time in the field making photos.

Who is this for?

This course is ideal for wildlife and bird photographers using the Olympus OM-D Cameras, including

  • OM-1
  • E-M1X
  • E-M1-iii
  • E-M5
  • E-M10

Please click the link below and you will be taken to Espen's website to order this course.

Now Includes OM-1 Updates

I have now included updates for the OM-1 camera. The updates include PDF's to follow along with the main videos, as well as some additional videos exclusive for OM-1 settings.

✅ Configure your camera to suit you 
✅ Faster workflow: Learn how I set up my camera with custom settings
✅ Set And Forget - Quickly set up custom modes you’ll use the most often
✅ Buttons, Dials & Levers - Create shortcuts for speed in the field
✅ How to set highlight alerts for correct exposure every time 
✅ Make the most out of auto & manual focus
✅ Optimise your settings for shooting video and timelapse



Start: 8 December 2022
12:00 (UTC/GMT +00:00 - Europe / London)
End: 31 December 2022
12:00 (UTC/GMT +00:00 - Europe / London)
Espen Helland

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