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"How Did I Capture That?" Virtual Workshop with OM SYSTEM Rep Mike Amico & Roberts Camera

Learn the backstory about some great images. How they were shot. What settings and gear was used to make each image.

Date: April 3, 2023
Time: 6PM ET
Price: Free

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In this virtual class, OM SYSTEM Rep Mike Amico will take you on a journey through some of his favorite images from the past few years. Mike will talk about what inspired him and go over both the equipment and techniques used to “get the image” and create those captures. Join this class to get a better understanding of the OM SYSTEM/Olympus camera features and the types of lenses and accessories that can be used by you to create some great images.

Thinking about an OM SYSTEM/Olympus camera? This is a great class for checking out some of the great features that OM SYSTEM has to offer.

***Please note: customers with any brand camera may attend this workshop; however, it is intended for OM SYSTEM/Olympus camera owners and will discuss modes and features specific to Olympus cameras.***


Start: April 3, 2023
End: April 3, 2023
6:00 PM (UTC/GMT -04:00 - America / New York)

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