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Join us for a photo trip to Svalbard with the OM SYSTEM Ambassador  Marcin Dobas

If you like winter, wild nature, endless arctic spaces, we invite you to a photo expedition to Spitsbergen - the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago
Endless snow, snow-capped peaks, glaciers, northern lights and wild animals in winter coat. This trip is a real treat for people who love the Arctic, winter and want to capture the beauty of wild nature with the camera. It is also an opportunity to explore the areas that used to be the starting point for many trips to the North Pole and experience a real winter adventure.

The season of photo trip is not accidental. March is a month that definitely favors photographers due to low light and long golden hours. Our primary means of transport during the trip will be a snowmobile, which will give us the opportunity to move freely around the island. Experience riding a scooter is not necessary, but appreciated. The only formal requirement to be met is to have a car driving license.

The implementation of the program and the safety of participants will be supervised by two experienced guides, mountain rescuers, who know the area and can use firearms (it is a necessary requirement of the governor of Svalbard to be able to move around the island).


27.02-7.03.2023  (5 days on snowmobile)
4-12.03.2023 (7 days on snowmonile)


18900 PLN (27.02-7.03.2023 )
19800 PLN (4-12.03.2023)

PLACE: Spitsbergen, Svalbard





Start: March 4, 2023
End: March 12, 2023
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Marcin Dobas

fotograf, podróżnik
  • Marcin Dobas

    Marcin Dobas
     – fotograf National Geographic, specjalizujący się w fotografii podróżniczej, krajobrazowej, przyrodniczej oraz podwodnej. Ukończył studia na wydziale geologii i pracuje jako ratownik górski i pilot wycieczek. Członek międzynarodowego teamu fotografów Olympus Visionaries, Ambasador Eizo. Marcin spędził z aparatem sporo czasu w takich miejscach jak Svalbard, Nowa Zelandia, Norwegia, Tajlandia, Nepal, Malezja, Szwecja, Finlandia, Grenlandia, Maroko, Egipt, czy Wielka Brytania koncentrując się na fotografowaniu dzikiej przyrody i krajobrazów tych miejsc. Jego fotografie są publikowane w różnych miejscach Świata w magazynach, książkach i kalendarzach.

    W 2015 roku wraz z wydawnictwem National Geographic ukazała się książka jego autorstwa “Fotowyprawy czyli dziewięć opowieści o fotografii“.


    Marcin Dobas is a photographer contributing for National Geographic Polandand a member of the international Olympus Visionaries team and EIZO Ambassador Program. He specializes in wildlife, wilderness landscapes, and underwater photography. He has a degree in Geology and works as a mountain rescuer and tour leader. Pictures taken during his travels are regularly published around the world in magazines, books, and calendars. Many of them won awards in prestigious, international photography contests. Marcin spent lot of time in distant places such as Svalbard, New Zealand, Norway, Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia, Sweden, Finland, Morocco, and Egypt, concentrating on photographing their wildlife. He runs photography workshops in Poland, Iceland, Nepal, India, Svalbard, and Greenland.

    In 2015, National Geographic Poland published his book titled “Photo Expeditions – nine stories about Photography”

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