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MARCH 2024 - Highlights of FLORIDA:
Mastering Bird in Flight Photography

Date: March 2 - March 9, 2024
Price: from $6650
Location: In person workshop starting in Orlando, FL


Join OM System Ambassador, Lee Hoy, for personal instruction in a small group. This workshop features four (4) days of photographing Osprey and Snail Kite from a bite (plus other waterbirds.) We will work on mastering the system for great bird in flight photography.

MASTERING BIRD IN FLIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY This workshop is a part of our Mastering Nature Photography Series which focuses on developing specific skills related to wildlife, landscape, macro and night sky photography. We will explore the eastern shore of Florida with such a wide variety of waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, gulls, raptors, herons, and egrets which are all fantastic subjects for mastering bird in flight photography. This workshop is designed specifically for OM System photographers to take you through the System for Great Bird in Flight Photography which includes:

1) The Subject – we will develop a beginning knowledge of different bird families flight styles and flight behaviors to help us prepare to capture great bird in flight images.
2) The Setting – we will learn how to assess the setting and set ourselves up for success when it comes to bird in flight photography.
3) The Light – we will learn how to read light, position ourselves for the light we want, and how to shoot in different types of light.
4) The Autofocus – we will consider every autofocus setting which could impact our ability to capture birds in flight.
5) The Drive Mode – we will learn the various drive modes of OM System cameras and which are most beneficial for bird in flight photography.
6) The Exposure – we will learn how to use manual exposure mode to properly expose every image of birds in flight.
7) The Composition – we will learn the many facets of composition such as angles, wing/body position, head position, visual balance, and compositional “rules.”
8) Post Processing – we will learn how to post-process our images so that they look their best.

This workshop will feature four (4) full days of photographing birds in flight from a pontoon boat specifically designed for photography. Two days will feature nesting Snail Kites and two days will feature nesting Ospreys (along with many other species of birds). You will not want to miss this workshop which is a part of our Limited Series designed for very small group sizes so you get the personal attention you desire.


Session Information:

About Lee Hoy: 

Lee Hoy is owner of Big Bend Birding & Photo Tours and serves as a photography workshop instructor for Wildside Nature Tours and Precision Camera & Video in Austin and Houston, Texas. Lee lives partially off-grid in the Davis Mountains of west Texas where he resides with his wife, Melanie and a pack of Javelina to keep him company. His favorite genres of photography include wildlife, landscape, night sky, macro, high speed and camera trapping. 


Website:  Lee Hoy Photography

Instagram:  @bigbendbirdingphototours

Facebook: Big.Bend.Tours


Start: March 2, 2024
9:00 AM
End: March 9, 2024
4:00 PM

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