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Using Computational features in wildlife photography

by OM System ambassador Petr Bambousek

Date: 20th of May 2024
Time: 7:00pm CET (Europe) | 1:00pm EST (New York)
Ticket: €10.00

Join OM System ambassador Petr Bambousek and learn how to make use of Computational features of you OM-1 and OM-1 Mark II in wildlife photography. Learn how and when to use Live ND, Live GND, Live Composite, Focus stacking and other computational features in the animal world of photography. Get your questions ready!

***Please note: customers with any brand camera may attend this workshop; however, it is intended for OM-D and especially for OM-1 & OM-1 Mark II camera owners.***


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Start: 20 May 2024
19:00 (UTC/GMT +02:00 - Europe / Brussels)
End: 20 May 2024
20:30 (UTC/GMT +02:00 - Europe / Brussels)

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