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Join OM SYSTEM ambassadors Tom and Lisa Cuchara for this online Zoom session to learn about:

Live Image assessment via the live histogram

Exposing properly and ETTR (exposing to the right)

How to avoid underexposing and introducing noise during post-processing 


Noise: what is it and how to reduce introducing it

Noise reduction in post-processing when needed

Image assessment  — noise in RAW ORF files when viwed/edited in various software. 

We will show and explain histograms, explain how to best expose to reduce noise, explain noise in the ORF RAW file versus noise introduced during post-processing, show the RAW file in OM workspace as compared to the defaults that Adobe has set (which introduces noise into the image), talk about heat distortion and things that can make small far away subjects especially noisy regardless of the system or glass used, discuss high res files, demonstrate some noise reduction software as there are times when the light is low and the ISO is high and the exposure is under-exposed, like short-eared owls who come out after sunset. Tom and I tend to expose slight to the right while photographing at high ISOs, do everything we can to not introduce noise during post-processing, and then we run noise reduction software when needed.

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August 22, 2024

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