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Join OM SYSTEM ambassadors Lisa and Tom Cuchara July 20-22, 2024 for a shore bird photography workshop. This is a great opportunity to photograph oyster catchers, black skimmers, terns, plovers, gulls, etc. in flight, feeding their young, preening, interacting with other birds species, etc. Lisa & Tom have an intimate knowledge of this area. It is also a wonderful place to learn about bird behavior and practice BIF (birds in flight) photography. Lisa and Tom will be providing instruction and encouragement during your time together! Learn when NOT to take the photo (which is important, otherwise you have to download and cull thousands of images). We will spend sunrise and sunset photographing terns and skimmers at Nickerson beach. This is a great opportunity to learn how to see and photograph interesting birds exhibiting breeding and nesting behaviors. Come and improve your patience, your knowledge of bird behavior, improve your photographs of moving and flying birds, make more dynamic compositions, and look for interesting behaviors before you trip the shutter. Expect to begin photographing in the early morning and again at sunset!


Start: July 21, 2024
End: July 22, 2024

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